The carnations are through – Tuesday 21st March 2023

The carnations are through

The carnations are through and Aristotle is a very happy dog. He can’t write the diary again today as he’s sitting in the greenhouse watching for anymore seeds coming through. So far he has dahlias, carnations and evening primrose. Ari doesn’t want to miss the moment that the next ones come through. He says he’s going to stay outside. However, he wants Mum to go out and join him as his order of seed trays has arrived too. He has enough trays to plant all the seeds he’s found. Mind you some of the seeds he now has to plant go straight into the ground.

Guerrilla seed planting

Mum is thinking of taking up guerrilla seed planting. She loves seeing all the wild flowers at the sides of roads and thinks there should be more of it. She was wondering if it’s legal to fill a pocket with native wild flower seeds and distribute them. We could leave them in places that need a little brightening up. Mum is not one to break rules, so I can’t really see her doing that sort of thing without permission, but it is a nice idea. She needs to finish all our planting first and that will take quite a lot of time, but maybe soon.


Dad has a few days off work after tomorrow and I’ve been busy making a list of all the things I want to do with his time. I am assuming that he’s taking the time off to spend with me and that he doesn’t have any other ideas. There will be a little time for him to put his feet up, so I can have some cuddles, but it seems to me like a good opportunity for plenty of fresh air. The only problem is the weather forecast, but hopefully he won’t look at that.



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