The Coronation – Sunday 7th May 2023

The Coronation

Most importantly I did enjoy watching the coronation. It’s not often I can get my humans to sit still with me for hours on end with little more taxing to do than adore me and stroke my tummy. Some of the stroking was a little absent minded. They did insist on watching what was happening on the television, but it was an excellent time even so.

I have just one minor complaint. Horses seemed to be given a leading role in the parade if not in the ceremony, but where were the dogs. I didn’t spot a single dog taking part in the proceedings. We could have carried some of the things, like the orb, the sceptre and the ring. We can do things like that very well if we are given the opportunity.

Too wet to garden

It was a good job there was something to watch on the television. The weather was far too bad to garden. The ground is so wet that it goes squelch every time I put a paw down. Thankfully, the forecast is much better for today and as there isn’t a long television programme to watch I’m hoping it will be an outdoors sort of a day.


Wilma says she isn’t in pain anymore. Her eye is uncomfortable but it’s not really hurting now. She is feeling pretty miserable and would like to be able to see clearly again, but she’s hoping that will come in time.

On the bright side she had the analysis of her other lump and at least that one is nothing to worry about. We’re all hoping that in another few days we can all start to get back to normal and Wilma can start her socialisation and fitness programme again. Once she does, there really will be no stopping her.