Back to the mower – Tuesday 30th May 2023

Back to the mower

Meanwhile, back to the mower. Today is the third attempt at having the old mower collected. At least this time it should be collected between 9am and 5pm, so on the bright side I can go for my walk later and Mum didn’t have to get up any earlier than normal. If it isn’t collected today then I don’t think Mum will be very happy. At least Dad is back to help if she needs to put it in the car and take it somewhere instead.

Time difference

Dad isn’t adjusting to the time difference very well from when he was away last week. It was lunchtime by the time he got up yesterday, or it would have been except he made that breakfast and lunch was later. To be honest we were all a bit confused about what day it was never mind what time. Mum and Ari spent a lot of time outside gardening. I spent time lying in the sun and supervising activities. I’m a little bit concerned that when we do our house alterations both my favourite sunny spot and Ari’s won’t be there anymore. Mum has promised that we will both have spots that are just as good if not better, but I’ll let you know when it happens.


On the subject of alterations, Mum said they should start fairly soon. I’m not holding my breath as she’s been talking about them for the last eighteen months. What she still hasn’t worked out is where we will all go to keep out of harm’s way while the building work takes place. I think she’s worried we might try to help, although I can’t see Aristotle wanting to. I will obviously be on paw to supervise – but I think that may be what’s worrying Mum.


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