Downtime – Monday 12th June 2023


I didn’t know how tired I was until Mum said yesterday, ‘Let’s have some downtime,’. To be honest I think we were both really glad of a break from the traffic noise in the place we stayed last. The cat sitting on the doorstep crying hadn’t helped my nerves either. The curtains in the last place were very thin and let in the light both from the traffic and when the sun got up. I wanted breakfast at six every morning, although was persuaded to stay in bed until seven.

Here is completely different. There is no road or cat noise. In fact, the walls are so thick it’s more like being in jail. There are shutters instead of windows. When the lights are turned off it is completely dark. I couldn’t believe it when I’d slept in until eight.


The biggest surprise was the weather. When we came in the night before it was overcast and muggy with some drizzle in the air. Then when I went for my walk this morning it was the most perfect sunny day you could imagine. When you’ve been cocooned inside asleep behind thick walls, you forget that everything outside is changing. The way the place is built also meant that as the day got hot outside, we stayed very comfortable indoors and took the chance of lots of napping time to build up my strength.

Villa il Poggiale

Villa il Poggiale here I come. I have my beach towel ready to sit under the trees by the pool. I have my cool mat in case I find it too hot. What I don’t have is any sunglasses, but I can always keep my eyes closed if it’s too bright. It should only take us a couple of hours to drive from here and then I shall see Salvo, Izzy and Ruby – what a perfect holiday. It’s normally humans who go with family and friends, it makes a lovely change that this time it’s us dogs.



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