Sotto I Sassi – Sunday 11th June 2023

Sotto I Sassi

I’m now at a place up in the hills in Italy called Sotto I Sassi. Apparently that means under the stones and there are two large rocks just above where we’re staying. We went for a walk to find them, which was really nice. Getting here had involved a long drive and saying farewell to my beloved Switzerland. I will be driving back through Switzerland in a week or so and visiting my friend Ruff, but for the next week I’m in Italy and looking forward to seeing my brother Salvo and niece Izzy.

Where we are staying

Where we are staying is a lovely old stone building. Whereas the last place was right on the road and Mum joked she could have shaken hands with the car drivers as they went by, here is a long way from the road and is very very quiet. There are shutters at the windows too, so when they are close the room is completely dark. If the alarm on Mum’s phone hadn’t gone off I don’t think I’d have woken up for ages.

Quiet day

Today we’re having a quiet day resting. We will go for a walk past all the cherry trees and up the hill maybe, but apart from that it’s a chill out day catching up on some sleep. To be honest I’m a bit confused with all this travelling and am much happier if we stay in one place. At least when we leave tomorrow we’ll be heading for a hotel I’ve stayed at before and I even think we’ll be in the same room – although it does make me miss Shadow as she was with us last time. That was the time when she didn’t seem herself and then ended up in hospital when we went back to Switzerland. Poor Shadow, she was never good at complaining until things were really bad.



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