Boy can it rain – Thursday 15th June 2023

Boy can it rain

Oh boy can it rain here when it really wants to. Thankfully I was watching it from indoors. Mum had to go outside at one point and did say that at least it was warm rain, which I suppose is something. I thought I’d got away with missing it all until it came to my walk after tea. Mum got ready for a long walk and we set off. She said we could be out for up to an hour. Of course, it had started raining again and only one of us was under the umbrella and it wasn’t me!

After ten minutes I said ‘enough’s enough’, had a good shake and turned round. Mum was left with the choice of continuing on her own or coming back with me. She made the sensible decision.

Earlier in the day

On the bright side, Ruby and I had been for a lovely walk before the rain started. The sky was partly overcast so it wasn’t too hot. It was quite a steep downhill for the first part of the walk. Then the plan was to follow a footpath. Sadly the path was so overgrown it would have been a bit of a jungle expedition and quite honestly neither Ruby nor I are the adventurous types.

Working on the basis what goes up must come down – but in reverse, we set off back up the hill.

Staying hydrated

I’ve trained Mum to take a sports water bottle for me to drink from. I’m much happier drinking straight from the bottle than from a bowl. Ruby said she’d ask her human if she could try that. I was very glad to have water with me as I needed a couple of stops for drinks on the way. It’s going to be much warmer from now so I do hope Mum will get up early enough to take me out.

Sadly Ruby is going home which is a shame as she’s great company. My brother Salvo has a sore paw so he didn’t want to walk. Maybe he’ll be feeling a bit better and will want to come. I could ask Izzy to keep me company but we do wind each other up on the barking front.



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