I was confused – Friday 16th June 2023

I was confused

I was confused yesterday. Ruby wasn’t going home until today. I was my human friends who were going yesterday. Much as I was disappointed to say goodbye to some of the humans, it was lovely to be able to have another walk with Ruby, Salvo and Izzy. Salvo’s paw had been hurting, but he said it wasn’t so bad and he’d like to come too. I thought we were doing the same walk as the day before, but Salvo decided we’d go across the fields. The field was wet so it was cooler that way and certainly easier on his paw than the road would have been. We had such a lovely time.

Photo Opportunities

We kept stopping for photo opportunities and seeing whose humans could take the best shots. I know from past experience that both Salvo & Izzy’s humans and Ruby’s are far better at that than Mum. I have to be grateful if she gets me in the shot at all. Ah well , in my head I can see all the entries for next year’s calendar competition now and I just know I’ll have to watch the others doing better than me. Oh, Mum tries, but she always says she’d be better with her other camera but never remembers to bring it with us.

Chilling by the pool

We spent some of the afternoon just chilling by the pool. It took me right back to doing that with Shadow five years ago. I do miss her. Salvo and Izzy had taken Ruby to the vet to have her passport stamped at that point, so I was on my own, which is never as much fun. I asked Mum if I could go in for a swim but she said it’s not a dog pool, which is a shame as I’d have liked to do that. Maybe I could sneak back when there’s no one around.



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