Copying my brother – Sunday 18th June 2023

Copying my brother

I’m in trouble for copying my brother. I went to his room and he was showing me that he had a blanket on the settee so he could sit there. He even went and got into bed. I don’t mean he got into his own bed, he got into his humans’ bed. When I travel I am never allowed on any furniture. Mum is horribly strict and I do mean horrible! Well, yesterday I revolted. It wasn’t in a big way, but I did point out that if it was all right for my brother it should be all right for me. I’m pleased to say that after some discussion, Mum caved in. She put my beach towel on the settee so I wouldn’t even get any hair on it. Then she let me sit next to her.

I was particularly pleased as it was so hot outside that I didn’t really want to sit out there with Mum on a sun lounger but I did want to be close to her.

Early start

Because the days are so hot now Mum has moved me to early walks. Yesterday we set off at just after seven in the morning and it was already very sunny and warm. It was quite a steep walk and Mum said her knees were hurting, but we still went quite a long way and it certainly set me up for a good sleep.

The humans went out for lunch in the local town but we dogs opted out. Black fur and temperatures of 28 degrees just don’t go together. It is one of the drawbacks of a fur coat.

Having won the settee debate, I’m wondering if I could stretch it to having a swim in the pool to cool off. It does look inviting and there are times in the day when there are no humans in it. Perhaps I can suggest to my brother that he goes in first and then I can just say I’m copying him again.



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