Another strange day – Tuesday 27th June 2023

Another strange day

Yesterday was another strange day and we’ve had a few. I went to the dentist. Ok, so I didn’t actually go inside. It’s complicated. Both Mum and Dad were in the middle of dental treatment before Covid and before we moved house. Finally they can get the work finished but it means travelling to York to get it done.

Mum’s appointment was first thing in the morning so we had to stay somewhere overnight beforehand. That’s where things began to get strange.


Mum is allergic to feathers. She writes the same words on every booking to ask for non-feather bedding. It has never gone wrong before. Once we had to book a different place because they didn’t have the right things but this stay was a first. They had simply taken all the pillows out of the room. I was the only one with a pillow as I take my own and I wasn’t sharing.

In our room were tea making facilities. No coffee, just tea, except there were no cups or mugs. Again I was fine as I had my bowl for water and I did offer to share that.


Apart from the room being hot which affected us all, the other problem was food. Mum was asked if she’d like to book a table for dinner. A nice idea you’d think, especially as I was allowed to go in with them, but they actually stopped serving food at four in the afternoon, three hours before we were due to arrive. Again I’d gone prepared with my meals in little bags ready and I definitely wasn’t sharing those.

Add to that the stress of Mum going to the dentist which she’s always had a problem with and you will realise it was definitely a day to keep my head down. In reality the dentist was rather easier than the hotel and it’s not often you can say that.



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