Aristotle is tired – Wednesday 5th December 2023

Aristotle is tired

Aristotle is tired today. Yesterday he went for his hydrotherapy and towards the end of his session he could barely lift his paws to take the next step. He was being pushed to do a little more, but Mum thinks he was still feeling a little under the weather too. He will finish his antibiotics today and Mum is going to wait and see how he’s doing. Hopefully he won’t need any more medication now. Apparently, at one point on the treadmill he was so tired he nearly just rolled backwards into the door at the back. Mum is hoping he’ll feel a little more up to it next week.

Endless mud

Just when we thought there couldn’t possibly be any more mud it has rained so much that there is. Everywhere is mud. Our beautiful garden is just a whole load of mud. Mum has reassured Aristotle that it will get better, she’s just not really sure when. Even I am feeling guilty about the amount we are bringing into the house, but Mum says there is very little we can do about it at the moment. She is letting it dry and then vacuuming every day to make it a little better.

Mind you, we thought the drilling had finished and we were wrong about that too. Mum thinks they only have another day of that to go. Having said that, drilling is better than banging. Because Ari’s hearing is bad, every time he hears banging he thinks there’s someone at the door. Poor Ari is getting pretty fed up with it and come to that, so are we.

Lights are up

On the good news front all the Christmas lights are up and at least the garden is cheered up a little by them. Ari says that getting his herb beds in shape is his next priority.



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