First Sunflower – Saturday 8th July 2023

First sunflower

My first sunflower for the year is out. Wilma was going to claim the photo opportunity, but I was so excited that I wanted to show you myself. I’m afraid Mum managed to capture the look of disgust on Wilma’s face when I bombed her photo opportunity. She said if I really felt like that I may as well write the diary myself. I have actually asked if I can take over for a few days so I can show you how all my crops are coming on. She’s thinking about it.

Anyway, in the past as you may remember, I’ve never managed more than one or two sunflowers. This year Mum helped me plant a whole range of difference sunflower seeds and it’s gone rather well. We have two lines of tall ones that Mum is going to help me to tie to stakes over the weekend and then lots of short ones. We’ve planted the short ones in pots on their own, like the one below, but also around other things in pots lie a buddleia and a rose. They are going to look awesome when they’re all out and will really make me smile. If I’m lucky they’ll make Wilma smile too.


Even though it was a bit hot outside, Mum helped me planting the rest of my tomato plants yesterday. I’ve got two bags with two plants in each and then as I’ve lost some of the herbs in the long herb patch Mum suggested we could put the spare tomato plants in there. I was a bit fed up as I thought we were going to get some replacement herbs. Mum promised we could do that later but that for the time being the tomatoes needed a home and as the rest of my vegetable garden is too hard to dig at the moment we would be best to use the herb garden.

Mum is talking about hiring a rotavator to really turn the vegetable garden soil over and get the stones out later in the year. We’ve got to do something as it’s just impossible at the moment.

Hopefully Wilma will let me show you some of the other things I’ve been doing in the next few days.

Have fun



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