My vegetables – Sunday 9th July 2023

My vegetables

Wilma has said I can show you some of my vegetables, so I’m back at the keyboard again. This year I’m growing parsnips and carrots, which I do every year and we all like eating. After last year’s success with squash I’ve planted some more of those – quite a lot more! When I planted the seedlings, Mum helped me label them all so we knew which variety was where. Unfortunately, I got some of them mixed up and we have no idea which plants will produce which squash anymore. Some of them are green and some yellow, so we at least know that much difference!

I’m working with Dad on potatoes. I don’t really know why as we don’t tend to eat any potatoes. Maybe if he’s grown them Dad will do something with them, but I have my doubts

New Vegetable beds

My new vegetable beds are the best. I can’t believe how well the crops in those are doing. So well that I’m thinking of asking if I can put some more in for next year. You’ve never seen such healthy squash plants – well I haven’t anyway. I don’t know which types those are either. There’s a row of carrots behind them and they are looking good too.

For the first time in ages we’re trying purple sprouting broccoli as well. This time it’s under netting as last time it was completely eaten by caterpillars. The only problem is that I didn’t tuck the netting in very well so I may still have a problem. Mum has found me some more stakes to hold it down now, but it may be too late.


If Wilma hasn’t eaten them all, there will be apples, cherries, pears, blueberries, blackberries and tomatoes. Then there are my lemon trees and I’m delighted to say I’ve got plenty of fruit growing on those again this year and my olives look healthier than ever, which is amazing as I thought I’d killed them.

I’m off to spend time in my garden. See you soon.



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