The journey today – Tuesday 11th July 2023

The journey today

The journey today will be just over 350 miles. Thankfully, Mum has satnav and I’m not expected to read a map. We’re setting off nice and early, although Mum says there’s a risk we’ll be in rush hour traffic. It feels strange to be leaving Dad and Ari behind again. If I’m being honest, I do prefer us all being together. I think Mum and I are getting old and neither one of us feels quite as adventurous as we used to.

Our plan is to go around the south side of the M25 and stop at Reigate Hill, National Trust, which is about half way between home and the Eurotunnel.

Crossing to France

I’m pleased to say Mum always books us onto the Eurotunnel so we can sit together in the car. I really don’t fancy the idea on a ferry of being left in the car below deck while Mum goes up to the deck without me. Thankfully, Mum doesn’t like that idea either, so we go by train together.

If there’s enough time, Mum wants to go to the supermarket in France so she’s got some food to eat. It’s such a pain not being able to take the food she used to travel with. At least I have a special letter from the vet which lets me take some of my diet food with me. I will have to go to a pet shop to get some more, but not immediately.

Then to Belgium

Then we drive along the motorway to Belgium. Mum says I have to remind her not to turn south towards Switzerland. I was rather hoping she might forget and just head there instead, but sadly not this time. She says the worst part, other than the M25, will be driving around the ring road at Antwerp. She says it’s enough to give anyone nightmares. Then we head off to the place we’re staying which is in a town called Oostmalle.

I’ll tell you how we get on tomorrow.



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