Too busy for photos – Sunday 16th July 2023

Too busy for photos

Yesterday I was too busy for photos. I’m sorry, I completely forgot to ask Mum to take some. In the morning I went to meet Alfie’s breeders. They now live with a dog called Billie, who isn’t an Entlebucher, she’s a Bassett. It was so funny listening to the humans talking about our different characters. Billie seems such a happy dog and really very friendly, but I don’t think Mum would cope with a hunting dog of any sort. She worries when she can’t see me. To have a dog that is prone to running off would cause her way too much alarm. We had a good play together, but even I didn’t feel on the same wavelength as I did when I met Cookie the Corgi this week.

Talking about happy times

It was lovely hearing everyone talking about Alfie and his family and about some of my Swiss relatives. Mum and Dad seem to be really enjoying being back here in Belgium and I can see why.

After lunch, we headed back towards Antwerp and I understood why Mum keeps saying she doesn’t like the Antwerp ring road. Even I can now say I’ve spent a lot of time on it not moving because of the traffic and it was my first trip. I sat in the car looking after Dad while Mum went into a shopping centre to buy a coffee machine that is cheaper here than in England. Then I sat in the car with Mum while Dad went into a shop to buy some Belgian beer. At no point did I leave my humans in the car while I went shopping!

Taking Dad to the airport

Today we have to take Dad back to the airport. It has been nice to see him, even if only for a short time. We’re heading home too, but it will take us a bit longer to get there. I’m sure Mum and I will have fun along the way.



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