Calm and Quiet – Friday 4th August 2023

Calm and quiet

Mum is working hard to keep Aristotle calm and quiet at the moment. Apparently I’m not helping. I’m trying hard, but sometimes I forget and have said, ‘Race you to the end of the garden,’ before I’ve even thought about it. Ari being Ari, ambles along behind me until he can’t see Mum and then changes his mind. That’s the point I remember I’m supposed to be helping to keep him calm. I really need the vet to find a solution next week as I desperately need my partner in crime to be able to join in. It has made me realise I might just be the ringleader most of the time, certainly in our noisier exploits. Ari is still often the brains behind our escapades.

Green green grass of home

Mum was recounting past summers when by August the grass would be brown and the hose pipe bans would be firmly in place. She was talking about this while the thunderstorm was in progress yesterday and the time we’d planned to be gardening was the time we could watch the rain. We are under strict instructions to leave the mushrooms alone that are growing everywhere. Mum says she will go round and remove them all again, but they just keep coming back. One minute she’s pulled them up and the next minute they have grown back. It’s a bit of a battle.

Zoom calls

I haven’t had to attend a meeting on Zoom for ages. I had a lot during lockdown with people who wanted to meet one of our breed. Tonight I’m doing another Zoom call with someone who doesn’t live in a place that is convenient to meet up in person. I’m quite looking forward to it. I think Ari might join in too as it’s before his bedtime.



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