Total madness – Thursday 2nd November 2023

Total madness

It’s total madness around here. We’re still at the stage of the builders knocking parts of our house down. Now really isn’t the time for them to decide to stop. Mum says things should start to change in another week and we’ll see things going up instead of coming down. Both Ari and I have had a good bark at the men asking what they think they’re doing, but Mum has told us it’s all part of the plan and we need to let them get on with it in peace.

Ari’s tummy

Mum has asked Ari if he could try sleeping through the night again. He’s still having to go out in the night to the toilet, although not as often as he was. Mum says she’s losing too much sleep and is feeling very tired. Ari’s tummy still isn’t completely right so he’s going to ask the vet for some probiotics when he goes for his vaccinations today. Mum says she needs to rake up all the fallen apples again before she lets him in the garden off lead, otherwise he will be back to a poorly tummy very quickly.

Garden plans

While he’s stuck inside, Ari is making plans for the garden. He’s persuaded Mum to keep lots of the wood from the old car port. He wants her to help him repair some of the vegetable troughs and maybe build a new compost bin. You would think after his and Mum’s previous attempt to build a compost bin he’d have learnt his lesson, but clearly not. I wonder if we’ve got enough string to hold the next one together.

Mum has also been telling us about the decking that is being built and Ari is already working out where he will choose as his spot to lie on it.



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