Barky day – Saturday 5th August 2023

Barky day

Yesterday Aristotle has a barky day. He’s been quiet for a few days, so it might be a good thing. Mum didn’t seem entirely convinced by that theory and despite worrying about him, she had no qualms in telling him off. Strange for me, but I didn’t feel any great need to join in, which Mum said she was grateful for. Mum gave up working at her desk and went to do some mowing in the end, which made Ari much happier.

R.I.P. Broccoli

It’s happened again. The broccoli is not looking well. Oh Ari got some netting this time and we have had a few meals from the plants so far. We hoped there were going to be many more. Our latest lesson is the frame of netting has to be at a sufficient distance that the butterflies cannot sit on the leaves from the outside. One of the plants had the audacity to grow through the netting and that has been the main culprit for the attack by the butterflies.

Ari has cut away as many leaves as he can find with caterpillars on, but he rather thinks that by the stage you recognise the problem, all may be lost. He says next year he wants Mum to build him a large netting tunnel, so he can grow them safely. Mum says if he can sort his health and make it to next year she will give him anything he asks for.

It’s official

It’s official – the grass is now definitely growing faster than Mum can cut it. She’s seriously thinking of giving up and waiting until it has finished growing before trying to do anything more about it. I know she won’t really do that, but I can’t help but sympathise. There’s one area that she only cut on Tuesday which needed doing again yesterday. We’re definitely going to need a bigger compost heap.



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