Meltdown – Sunday 24th September 2023


Yesterday lunchtime Rafa had a bit of a meltdown. We’d been outside all morning. The day hadn’t started well. When I barked at Mum to get up and get breakfast Rafa had a go at me again, but I just shrugged it off. We’d been for a walk together the previous evening. Whilst I wouldn’t describe it as amicable, it hadn’t gone too badly and he seemed to have enjoyed it.

All morning while we were outside he kept bringing his ball to Mum or Dad and asking them to throw it. Unfortunately, because he gets so high on playing ball and was already wired, they didn’t think that would be a good idea. Besides that they were both working really hard trying to get everything ready for when the builders start.


Rafa and I had both had our lunch and Mum wanted Ari to have some time to mooch around. She asked Rafa to go into his crate just for a short time. He wasn’t happy about it but went in of his own accord. Then Ari came in and everything went wrong. Rafa shouted at Ari and Ari shouted back. Then Rafa tried to pull the crate apart and was trying to force his nose through. He’s taken the skin off the sides of his nose. Even when we all went out of the way, Rafa carried on like a small child throwing a tantrum until we’d all had enough.

Mum is already trying Adaptil pheromone collar, diffuser, treats and herbal calmers for him, but Rafa is just not happy in a multi-dog environment. He can’t cope with his own company either, which really isn’t good.

What next?

Mum is going to talk to our vet about whether there is a sedative Rafa can have for a while until he starts to settle and to help him cope with all the changes. At the moment he’s unhappy with the changes and he’s making us all unhappy in the process.



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