Too much fun – Sunday 8th October 2023

Too much fun

Yesterday was just too much fun, but I’m tired now. There were more of my friends than I was expecting to see as well as three Bernese Mountain Dog puppies. I liked them, but I was getting a bit worried about Mum. Mum seemed to have fallen in love with a puppy called Gloria. I was just glad that Mum has realised that she can’t have a long haired dog in the family, otherwise I’d be in trouble.

We played all my favourite games including the ball and spoon race, the biscuit race, biscuit catch and fetch relay and oh how we laughed. Albert did really well in a lot of games, but even little Bella who is only five months old held her own. My friend Freya was there. It was good to see her again and Aeschi, Betty and Pip.


It was good to see my niece Sybil and great-niece Polly. Sybil is one of my sister Valeria’s children. I updated them on how their grandmother / great-grandmother was doing. They live with one of Ari’s brothers, Basil. He’s a year younger than Ari, but just as grumpy. I blame their mother, Shadow, but it may just be an age thing.

Worn out

By the time we came home I’m not sure who was more worn out, Mum or me. We were both ready to put our paws up. Ari was pleased to see us home. He’s finished sorting out the blanket weed  and had been doing some hedge cutting. He says he’s saved plenty of work for us all to do today.

Dad wants to go to Apple Day at Hill Close Gardens. I got excited for a moment as I thought he might want to take me, but I have to stay at home to help Mum. I suppose I’ve got enough apples here without going looking for them elsewhere.



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