Lemon trees – Thursday 16th November 2023

Lemon trees

Ari is worrying about his lemon trees. He brought them in for the winter and chose what he thought was a good location for them. They are actually doing quite well, and he has lemons ripening nicely. Now Mum has told him that on Monday a man is going to be drilling the wall right by where the lemons are standing and they’ll need to move. Given how heavy they are, that’s easier said than done, but he doesn’t want to leave them where they are. It doesn’t help that he’s got no idea where else he could put them and is getting very worried that this is going to put an end to how well they are.

Mum has promised to help, but even between them they will have difficulty so will probably need Dad as well.


Today there is supposed to be some scaffolding going up. I have a horrible thought that it might involve lots of metallic clanging sounds and I don’t really like those. Ari hates if they bang anything twice as he thinks someone is knocking at the door and starts barking, but for me it’s metal that does it. The pitch is not to my liking. Mum says that the good news is the drilling has mostly finished, but I wish all of it had. I know it will be nice when mine and Ari’s room is ready, but I wish it wasn’t so difficult along the way.

We are already arguing over whose crate will go where. Ari wants his near the back door where he thinks he’ll be disturbed the least. I suppose I should just give in as he takes himself off to his crate far more than I do. I’m more of a human bed type of girl myself.



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