Ari is tired – Wednesday 15th November 2023


Ari is tired

Ari is tired today. He says he can’t remember the last time he had to work as hard as he did at his hydrotherapy yesterday. Just as he thought he’d got the hang of it, they made the treadmill go much faster. That meant he couldn’t just amble. He was doing very well and both Mum and the hydratherapist were very pleased with him. Then his last bout of a minute he said he could barely lift his paws to take the steps. The lady slowed the machine down a bit again so he could finish more easily. When he came down the ramp to get out of the machine his legs crumpled in an ungainly mess before he sorted himself out.

On the bright side he says he definitely much prefers it to the swimming pool. One thing that is better is that as he’s got older he’s found it much harder keeping his head out of the water in the swimming pool, but that’s not a problem with the treadmill.

Too much responsibility

Mum left me in charge while she and Ari were out and it really did feel like too much responsibility. I was supervising a man who was bricking up a window. It’s hard to explain but the window was hidden in a wall and really shouldn’t have been there at all. It wasn’t safe. If you had hammered a nail in to hang a picture you would have broken the glass of the window. It’s one of the many things which was wrong with our house and Mum and Dad are trying to get fixed. Anyway, my job was to make sure the man didn’t brick himself into the house and he could get out again. He’s not here now, so I think it worked.



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