Rolling in Mud – Monday 19th February 2024

Rolling in Mud

I spent yesterday rolling in mud. To be honest, there is just so much mud in our garden that it was difficult to decide where to start, so I kept trying different bits. Mum was busy gardening and so I was able to enjoy myself unhindered. The wonderful thing about mud is that if you sit in the sun afterwards and then have a good shake, you can get most of it off before being threatened with a bath. Mum had said I’d need a good wash and that was all the incentive I needed to sort it out for myself. I was almost clean again by the time we came in.

Compost bins

Mum started by clearing more blanket weed. We do seem to have a real problem and the barley bales just aren’t sorting it. I don’t know what we’re going to try next. Then she went round putting down straw mulch over some of the worst of the mud to stop it being slippy. It works really well.

After that she went back to work to build the compost bin with some of the offcuts of wood from the building work. She is really very proud of the result. I helped for a while but I got bored and left her to it. Wallowing in mud was much more fun.

Dad was busy pruning the fruit trees so he was in a little world of his own.

Good news for me

In some good news for me, Mum has said she is going to take some time out from work to get on top of the building work and sort out the garden. There is an awful lot to do, so we will have lots and lots of time outside. The deal is that she will work when it rains, and garden when it isn’t raining. Now I just have to cross my paws for some dry weather.

Top of Form

Bottom of Form



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