Mowing Etiquette – Sunday 19th March 2023

Mowing etiquette

Winter has been long enough for us all to forget mowing etiquette. Mum got the mower out yesterday and made a start on getting the lawns into shape. Obviously, we followed along behind her… rather too closely behind. In the end, when she nearly fell over us, she stopped the mower and reminded us of some of the golden rules when she is cutting the grass. Principally it boiled down to ‘keep well away’. It’s bad enough that the mower is a big dangerous thing that could do a lot of harm, even if we stay away from that there is Mum to consider. At times she’s – a big dangerous thing that could do a lot of harm! No, seriously, she has a tendency to reverse without warning – a bit like a truck, although they at least make a beeping sound.

The reason we’re always so close may not surprise you. I find the grass cuttings particularly tasty and like to have a good nibble of the fresh mown grass.

Mother’s Day

Here in the UK it’s mother’s day. I’d like to wish my dear old Mama, Susi a very happy day. I’m thinking of her. Ari is sad as this is the first year without his mother Shadow. I think he might be playing the sympathy card as it’s not as though they were ever close, or even got on while she was alive. He’s always seen Mum as his mother in every sense, so we will of course be giving her an extra cuddle today.

We are all going to see Granny later to wish her a happy mother’s day and take her a cream tea – I don’t think Mum has bought enough for me to have any, which I can only think is an oversight. Maybe she’ll share hers with me.



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  1. Dear Wilma, thank you very much for your good wishes on Mother’s Day. Here in Switzerland, Mother’s Day always takes place on the second Sunday in May, this year on May 14th. I’m glad that winter is slowly coming to an end, because the warm rays of the sun are better for my old bones than the cold snow. I look forward to seeing you again soon! Greetings from your Mama Susi.

    • Dearest Mama, I wish I could come to see you in May. I will come in June though and can’t wait to be there. I won’t have to help pack furniture this time.
      All my love to you, Valeria and all the family
      Your loving daughter

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