Worcester Woods Country Park – Thursday 23rd November 2023

Worcester Woods Country Park

Yesterday  I went to Worcester Woods Country Park and it was absolutely lovely. It’s the perfect time of year to be in a woodland with deciduous trees. For one thing all the colours were lovely and for the other, there were plenty of fallen leaves to kick my paws through. The car park was free – at least Mum thinks it was. She didn’t pay and our car wasn’t towed away so that was a good start. We had no idea where to go from the car park so I asked the first dog I saw. He was a poodle, but had a good sense of direction anyway. He lifted a paw in the right direction and told me to follow my nose as he’d just come from that way.

Visitor centre

We found the visitor centre and then behind that were well marked paths. There were quite a number of paths going different ways, but Mum decided it wasn’t a day for getting lost, so we followed one that was a clearly marked route. There were boards to read along the way and seats at intervals if you needed them. We enjoyed the circuit so much and as Mum still had enough spare time we went round it a second time.

Mum said if we come again we can explore some of the other paths, but we didn’t have a map yesterday. We found one on line and downloaded it afterwards.

Plan for today

My plan for today is to keep my head down. The builders are in the house again, which freaks Ari out. When they’re outside it isn’t so bad, but when he hears them coming in and out through the back door he finds it more stressful. The have some work to do today finishing bricking up a window that was in the bedroom. It’s hard to keep track of what’s happening to be honest.



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