Cookie Cutters – Friday 29th December 2023

Mum has bought bone shaped cookie cutters with her Christmas money. I’m seeing that as a good sign that she is planning to make more biscuits for me. The cutters com in three sizes with the smallest being, in my opinion, far to small for a dog treat for any self-respecting dog. I said Mum should use the largest size, but I don’t think Mum sees it quite the same way.

I wanted to try them out as soon as they arrived, but Mum disagreed about that too. Sometimes I’m not really sure she has her priorities completely right.

Memory Lane

Today we are going to Stowe Gardens to meet my cousin Flossie. She’s a cousin on the human side so doesn’t look a bit like me. I’ve never been to the gardens before but Mum said she went as part of a job she was doing over thirty years ago. More worryingly, if things go to plan we are then going to a restaurant that Mum said her family used to go to almost fifty years ago. I’m guessing it has changed a bit since then. As I haven’t been coping so well around strangers I’ve offered to sit in the car for that part of the day. If I’ve had a good muddy walk first then I really won’t mind too much.

Aristotle’s Ashes

We collected Aristotle’s ashes yesterday. It was a bit emotional. He is now sitting with Alfie and Shadow as well as Mum’s old cat Bilbo and Dad’s old dog Lukas. I wonder if they’ve all met up on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. I can certainly imagine Alfie and Ari are together. Mind you, I don’t think Shadow meeting up with Mum’s old cat would be a good idea. I suspect fur might fly in that one.



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