A good walk – Thursday 11th July 2024

A good walk

I had a good walk yesterday. We didn’t go any further, but Mum said I looked as though I was walking much more normally than I have been. I wasn’t so tiptoey in how I was putting my feet down. Maybe there is cause for optimism. I’ve got another four weeks before I see my consultant, so I guess there is still plenty of time for more improvement. One of the problems is that I expected to get better faster than I am doing. I guess from the fact that there are such strict instructions for eight weeks then the consultant wasn’t expecting that to happen.

I have cut down my pain medication and am not having Paracetamol anymore. Mum says she will keep me on the Metacam until after the weekend and then stop that as well. Paws crossed that I feel ready.

Wall around the patio

At last Mum has finished filling the wall around the patio with soil. That means she can start to move the plants into it. However, they have grown a lot since last year. The bigger ones are going in pots around the outside of the patio and I think we’re going shopping for some new ones to go into the wall. I can go with Mum to the National Herb Centre, which is not too far from here. She wants to plant it with things which bees like but wasps and flies aren’t so keen on. The nice thing is that those are all things we like the smell off, so we’re on the side of the bees on this one.

Mum says we won’t have time to do that until next week or the week after, but it’s something to look forward to as long as she decides I’m well enough to go.



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