Avoiding the vet – Tuesday 16th January 2024

Avoiding the vet

I’m pleased to say I’m avoiding the vet. My ear isn’t hurting anymore and Mum thinks I’m definitely improving slowly. She says there is no point in my being sedated for them to look inside my ear. At least not if it’s stopped hurting. We’re going to monitor and see how I get on rather than do anything too soon. I’ve promised to tell Mum if I don’t feel quite right. The problem with our breed is that we can end up not making any fuss about a problem until it becomes serious. Neither me nor Mum want that to happen. She says we will find somewhere for me to have a good walk. Then she can see how I react when I’m having a good run around.

Mum says she needs to go to Stratford today so I have to decide if I want to walk along by the river or go to the Greenway. That’s a really hard decision as love both places. I wonder if I could do both.

Garden jobs

While the weather is fine, Mum and I are trying to spend at least a few minutes each day on our gardening jobs. We’re trying to tidy up the herb beds at the moment. The builders will be working on the new patio in a couple of weeks time and then we’ll have the new herb bed to start planting. It will go all around the edge of the patio and we’ll plant it with things that discourage the flies, just as Aristotle intended to do. He did a really good job or rescuing the plants that were there before and they seem to be growing quite well, even though it is winter. Hopefully planting them back will be a lot easier than it was for Ari having to dig them out carefully. I’ll show you when it’s all done.



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