Unexpected Excitement – Friday 16th February 2024

Unexpected excitement

Yesterday I had some unexpected excitement. Mum had apologised to me and said she was going out for the morning and I’d be left at home. I was resigned to a boring day. Dad was busy working. He hates me joining in on his conference calls. I guessed I’d just kick my paws and wait for Mum to come home. As it turned out, she couldn’t go out when she said as she needed to talk to the builder about the latest problem. As soon as she’d finished she told me to get my things and we were going out.

Coombe Abbey

As Coombe Abbey was on the way to Mum going to take Granny out, she decided we could have a walk there on route. The weather was really warm and dry, although it was very muddy underpaw. Normally when we’re going to Coombe Abbey it’s because we’re meeting other people or dogs, so I was surprised to find it was just me and Mum. Actually, it was lovely. It felt like spring. It must have been half term somewhere local as there were more children than I was expecting, but I ignored them. I said hello to a few dogs, but mostly was happy to enjoy sniffing and chatting to Mum.

Leg hurting

My leg was hurting quite a bit before the end of the walk, which was a shame. Mum stopped for a few minutes so I could rest it, but I said I’d be better to keep moving and have a rest at the end. It meant I went to Granny’s with Mum too, although I said I’d be happier just to snooze in the car. At least Mum and I got to chat on the journey and spend some time somewhere different that we both really like. I guess the mud will go eventually.



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