Improvements that are worse – Saturday 11th November 2023

Improvement that are worse

Why do companies make improvements that are worse than what you had before? I wasted hours yesterday trying to work out why my blog was making you all sign up, whether you wanted to or not. I thought I’d pressed the wrong key, which happens when you’re using paws and it’s designed for fingers. It wasn’t that at all. The software had been improved and didn’t seem to be working right. I’m sorry if it was a pain, but it wasn’t much fun my end either. I’ve turned signing up off for the time being while we see if there’s another way to do it. Mum is helping me as I got a bit stuck.

Sunny walk

To cheer me up we went for a lovely sunny walk in the afternoon. It would have been perfect had a complete stranger of a dog not pounced on me in a threatening manner. Why do they do this? I didn’t ask him to play. I was on lead and minding my own business. He was off lead and his owner didn’t seem to have much control. I was a bit upset and snapped at him to go away. I didn’t make contact, just made my feelings known. Mum told me how good I’d been and I’d done completely the right thing. It did leave me a bit shaken up though.

Thankfully, when we got to the other side of the racecourse I bumped into my boyfriend and that really cheered me up.

Blissful weekend

We’re looking forward to a blissful weekend without lots of people around. Honestly, yesterday they seemed to be everywhere. I’m not really a peopley sort of dog, except for the special ones. Mum laughed and said I’ve probably spent too long with her. She says in human terms it’s being an introvert, but she’s never really heard people assess dogs in that way. I do like all my special people and I like dogs too, but I’m happier with them in small groups than all at once. Ari’s the same, so maybe it’s a breed thing.



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