A lot brighter – Sunday 16th June 2024

A lot brighter

I’m feeling a lot brighter than I did. I think all the strong painkillers and anaesthetic are now out of my system. Yesterday I was very happy to stretch my legs around the garden with Mum at intervals through the day. I really needed to have a poo or five. I didn’t really want to go while I was in hospital. It was all a bit difficult. I’m pretty good at hanging on when I need to. Anyway, I’ve had a good clear out and feel so much better as a result.

On the downside, I’m already bored.

Moving around

I moved around between the crate in Mum’s office and the crate in our new garden room depending on what Mum was doing. I’ve decided I like the garden room. It’s nice and light and I can see what’s going on in the garden. Mum was never far away. She put some music on for me to listen to, which was fun. Mum was dancing to some of it and I just wished I could be dancing with her. Hopefully soon. I need to get back to putting my Rock Around the Clock routine together.

My new bed

Mum made good progress on my new bed. One of the three cushions is finished and the second one is nearly done. Hopefully today Mum will finish the second one and the third one. The only thing then will be working out the Velcro that will hold it all in position. Mum says it’s not perfect as she’s ended up rushing it so we can use it, but I won’t mind. If it means we can both sit comfortably at floor level for the next few weeks then we’ll both be happy.

Our Bees

We had some sad news about the bees that swarmed into our garden last year and moved to live with a lovely local bee keeper. Sadly the queen died and they haven’t made a new queen. I’m really not sure how it all works, but it means the end of the original colony. Which felt very sad.



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  1. Hello Wilma,

    We are so very pleased to hear your operation went well and you are feeling much brighter now. You are so brave, very deserving of lots of extra special care and it sounds like you are getting it. Take it easy and get well soon.

    Best Wishes, Bernie and Deborah

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