Sleeping off the stress – Saturday 15th June 2024

Sleeping off the stress

Today I will be mostly sleeping off the stress of the last few days. Suddenly, it has all left me feeling overwhelmingly tired. Mum picked me up about 11am yesterday and was there for the nurse to go through all the instructions. To be honest, I was glad they had written it all down for me. There was no way I was going to remember. I need to arrange for my stitches to be removed in around two weeks. Apart from that, my only other appointment will be to see my consultant in eight weeks’ time. I should then be given the all clear – as long as things go well.

Entlebucher Hairless

As you can see from the amount of hair they needed to shave, I’m on the way to being an Entlebucher Hairless. I hope it grows back soon as I’ve still got an odd patch on my leg from where my sarcoma was removed over a year ago. A girl can get very precious about her hair and it really is spoiling my good looks.

What was nice was that the nurse told Mum I had been the perfect patient – not just good – perfect! It was only the people in the waiting room who thought I was a demented savage beast, but that’s another story. The lovely nurse took me out the back way yesterday so I didn’t have the stress of the waiting room.

Crate bound

Being crate bound will wear thin very quickly. For now Mum has made both my crates very comfortable and I’m so tired that I really don’t mind being in one or other of them. I have to go out for five minutes five or six times a day and to be honest at the moment that is quite enough. I guess by next week I may be wanting a bit more of an opportunity to do things, but one step at a time. For now, every step is a bit awkward. Oh and I’ve got a cone – it’s soft one but it’s still a cone which is so annoying.

Sewing Machine

The best news was that the sewing machine is fixed and came back yesterday. It means Mum is now beavering away to finish making the bed for us both to sit on at floor level. She wants to get it done by Monday. Until then we don’t think I’m quite ready for lots of cuddling up and rubbing myself against her, but hopefully by early next week we can snuggle up safely.



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