What a Day – Sunday 19th February 2023

What a day

What a day we had yesterday. I went in to meet Mum’s great-nephew, who is eighteen months old and Ari said he’d have a nap for a while. Although, I got prodded a little bit, mostly we got along just fine. I wasn’t sure of things when I first got there. Mum’s nephew has a beard and it took me a little while to decide that might be ok. I tried out some of the toys. There was a mat that made musical noises when you walked on it. That was cool. It surprised me a bit at first, but then I went back to try it again. Sadly, someone had turned it off so it stayed silent.

I was really interested in the egg shaped chalks. I thought they were balls, but then Dad showed me you could draw things with them, which was cool. They didn’t let me try those.

Aristotle’s walk

We all went for quite a good walk. I was worried how Aristotle would get on, as generally he potters around the garden because of his legs. You just wouldn’t believe how well he did. It shows how worthwhile his swimming has been. He managed the whole walk and was hardly limping at all. If he did limp it would have been his own fault for pulling so much. He was supposed to be walking with Dad but kept wanting to be by Mum’s side, which meant walking on the path rather than the grass.

He did so well that Mum and Dad have asked if he’d like to come on my walks on one of the weekend days each week. Of course he said yes. I can’t wait to show him Oakley Woods. I think he’ll love it. It won’t be this weekend though. Mum says he’s going to need to rest after today.



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