Too cold – Thursday 2nd March 2023

Too cold

Yesterday we all decided it was just too cold. It was that miserable type of English cold where it’s damp and it goes straight through you. When I’m in my Swiss homeland we have days which are much colder, but they are crisp and sunny and it’s great to be outdoors. Here, when it’s like yesterday, even I think it would be better to find a nice log fire to sit by than to go in the garden. Even the ducks didn’t bother turning up for their swim, although they may have had other reasons. Mum was supposed to be helping Ari moving compost and he said he’d leave her to it. In response, Mum downed tools and joined us indoors.

More exciting

Today promises to be much more exciting. We’re off to visit my relatives Izzy and Salvo for a walk. It’s always great to see them. I’m really looking forward to seeing where it is they want to take me walking. They live in Derbyshire, which has lots of lovely places to walk. It’s likely to be just as cold as it was yesterday, but I don’t suppose I’ll think about it so much if we’re chatting as we walk. Mind you, the last time I walked with Izzy I couldn’t get a bark in edgeways. Mum even made us walk apart for some of the time as she didn’t appreciate so much noise.

Summer plans

Mum is busy planning another summer trip for us. It will be just Mum and me again and we’re going to Belgium and the Netherlands for a few days. After all the time of going nowhere, I can’t believe how many exciting travel plans I’ve got to look forward to. I’d almost forgotten how much I loved being a travelling dog. I can’t wait to tell you all about it.



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