Side effect of swimming – Friday 19th May 2023

Side effect of swimming

A side effect of swimming this week is that I can’t hear anything. Mum says I must have got water in my ears and she’s given them a good clean to get some of the wax out, but so far to no avail. I was doing better recently but since swimming I can hear almost nothing. When Mum and I were gardening yesterday I was getting in the way because I couldn’t hear she was right behind me. Then I lost her and didn’t hear her calling me, which was quite distressing. I know I can’t really lose her in a garden our size and being home she can’t exactly abandon me, but it is disconcerting. Mum wonders if it’s worth her getting some ear drops to help clear my ears out, but I really hate them so I’m not sure it’s worth it.

Wilma’s countdown

Wilma is counting down to her appointment with the vet on Monday. She says if she doesn’t get the all clear and come home cone free then we’ll be able to hear her howling long before she gets back. Mum is promising her all sorts of love and attention to make up for how hard it has been for her. It almost makes me want to deserve that amount of sympathy. Dad has to go away for work for the week, so Mum says she will have no one to focus on but us. I hope she and Wilma won’t just spend all their time together and leave me out. They have both really missed their time together, but they can still include me.

I suppose if they’re busy I can always get on with my gardening. There’s always something to do. I’ve got some sunflowers to plant out and I really need to do something with my tomatoes.



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