Writing to complain – Friday 26th May 2023

Writing to complain

I spent part of my morning yesterday writing to complain about a site call Meow pet supplies which is stealing my work and making small changes to try to get away with it. I am not a happy dog. This is my work and no one has permission to use it. They can link to my blog, but not copy my work. They don’t even provide a way to contact them on their site, so there’s no way to get in touch nicely. Instead you have to go all legal on them, which is what I spent my morning yesterday doing. It is hard enough being a working dog, without someone stealing your work.

Aristotle’s lumps

Aristotle is very good when he goes to the vet. Unlike me, he doesn’t bark the place down. He doesn’t need the whole medical team to pin him down so he can be examined. In fact, he really lets the side down by being a quiet and good boy. He had needles stuck in three lumps in his groin yesterday to check what they were and he didn’t complain once. He’s way too trusting.

The good news is that they are all sebaceous cysts and Mum just needs to monitor them for him. He did quietly asked if she could stop finding new lumps on him, but it is better to be safe and he does know that really.

Losing battle

Mum is fighting a losing battle with moths in the house. They seem to have a field day and are very keen on our carpets. Mum can’t use chemicals so has to do things in a more natural way and it seems to me that the moths are taking advantage of her weakness. On the bright side, it does mean when we start doing our house alterations some of the carpets will go and be replaced by hard floors. As long as they aren’t slippy ones, then both Ari and I will vote for that. We both love lying on cool stone floors. As long as there are rugs and beds in the places we need them then we’ll be very happy dogs.


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