Which tiles do we want? – Sunday 2nd July 2023

Which tiles do we want?

Which tiles do we want? Well that rather took me by surprise. As a dog I wasn’t expecting either to express a preference or to be listened to. Maybe the deal Mum did for the tile store visit wasn’t such a bad thing after all. Our preferences are being taken into account. We want flooring we don’t slip on. That’s especially important to Aristotle as he doesn’t always have full control of his legs. I guess as I get older I may feel similarly. We also need ones that are nice to lie on. Do we want underfloor heating in the new garden room? Oh it’s so complicated. I thought we were only talking about the actual flooring, but we dogs would love underfloor heating for the winter. I suppose I’m lucky that Mum stops to think about us in everything.

Gardening weekend

Ari has been enjoying a weekend of gardening. Yesterday he and Mum cut some of the grass. He also got Mum to help him weed some of his vegetables. There is more to do, but they are hoping to get onto that today. Sadly, I think Dad is going to rake up all the apples that have fallen on the ground. I suppose there’ll be more, but it does seem a shame to have to wait for them.

Other plans

I’m crossing my paws as I think that I’m going to Hatton Locks for a walk. Mum took me there once and Dad hasn’t been yet. It’s quite a nice walk, although I guess it could be busy on a Sunday. I just need my humans to do another run to the tip first and then hopefully they’ll be ready. If I keep them out long enough maybe Dad will forget about the apples.



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