Wilma is at the vet – Thursday 2nd February 2023

Wilma is at the vet

Well, Wilma is at the vet so it’s Aristotle here making a guest appearance. Not exactly a guest, as I live here, but I don’t get my paws on the keyboard often these days. Wilma says I’m becoming a cantankerous old man, but I don’t think that’s really true.

Anyway, Wilma is having her operation today to remove her soft tissue sarcoma. She’s a little worried, but hopefully we’re all doing our best to reassure her. Mum says she thinks we’ve caught it early and there will hopefully be no reason she can’t make a full and complete recovery. Paws crossed.

My gardening plans

My gardening plans are not going well. Firstly I didn’t get to chit my potatoes then yesterday I didn’t get to weed the vegetable garden. Mum said the wind was just too cold and it wouldn’t hurt to wait a day or two. I’m impatient to get on with things. I know Mum is assuring me we have time, but I’m an action sort of a dog, except when I’m putting my paws up. I did persuade Mum to sit down with me and work out our planting scheme and timing for planting everything. That at least felt like progress.

We’re on the last but one of my squashes from last season and this year I plan to grow several varieties to keep us going even longer. We’re still eating home grown carrots too, so they have worked really well.


I thought I was going swimming yesterday and even went in the car. It turned out there was a misunderstanding over the time, well more the date than the time. We had it down as yesterday and the lady had it down as today. With Wilma at the vet Mum said today wouldn’t work, so I have to wait until a week on Monday. I really don’t mind, but I can tell it’s doing me good. I can stand on my hind legs again and that is a real improvement. It makes begging for food so much easier.

Love Aristotle

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  1. Hi Ari, how lovely to hear from you. We are pleased to hear your legs are improving. You are certainly an excellent gardener with all the plans in place for a bumper crop of vegetables planned for this year. Hope you enjoy swimming next week. Please send our love and best wishes to Wilma, we are thinking of her and have our fingers crossed that all is well with her operation. Lots of love Sheila, Mark and Dottie, woof XXX

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