Quiet Day – Sunday 30th July 2023

Quiet Day

I’m planning a quiet day today and will leave Wilma to tell you all about yesterday’s excitement tomorrow. I’ve got to be honest, I’m just too old for all this. I didn’t want the long drive both ways and I knew I was going to ache today, but apparently I can’t be trusted to look after the house for the day on my own. I really don’t understand why not.

Today I will be making up for yesterday’s excitement and giving Wilma space to come down from her adrenalin fuelled haze of excitement. I’ve got some gardening to do and that’s about as exciting as I want my day to be.


I’m dealing with a broccoli emergency in the garden. Oh I learnt my lesson from the last time I tried and this year they are covered in netting. What I didn’t think about was that if they grow right up to the edges of the netting then the butterflies can still lay eggs on them, through the holes. The grubs can then develop INSIDE the netting and eat my broccoli.

Mum has told me not to worry and we’re having a race against time to eat the broccoli before it is caterpillar ridden and eaten by them. Mum has promised to look for me at creating a bigger netted enclosure to grow my veg in.


Our carrots are ready to eat and many of them seem bigger than I’ve managed before, so I’m quite pleased. Mum thinks they may have an ideal position and the rain has helped. It is certainly working well for the squash. I’m expecting a giant squash to take over the garden any day now. We saved the seeds from the ones that were the ideal weight last year, but I don’t think they got the message. I think we may break our 5kg squash record at this rate, but we won’t know until we pick them.

Have a lovely Sunday



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