Present for Aristotle – Saturday 18th March 2023

Present for Aristotle

The present for Aristotle has arrived. He says he loves it and it fits perfectly. He also said he’s a lot happier with dark green than he was with the bright red one that Alfie had. Red just wasn’t his colour. The only thing he is disappointed about is not being able to have his surname embroidered on the dressing gown as well as his first name. Mum did try to put it on when we did the order but could only get as far as Aristotle Do before we ran out of letters. It makes me realise there’s an advantage of having a shorter first name.

Catch up day

As long as it doesn’t rain too much, today is a garden catch up day. Aristotle has persuaded both Mum and Dad to help him sort the water butts and to do his live willow hedge. If there’s time he has some seeds to plant as well. Mum has said the grass could do with its first cut, but I don’t think everything will happen all at once. I’m just happy that the days are a little warmer again and I can run around doing absolutely nothing at all. I suppose I might lend a paw here and there, but gardening isn’t so much my thing.

Cat request

Dad came out with a shocking question on Thursday. He actually asked Mum if she thought it was time we had a cat. Oh the shame of it. Are we not enough? Thankfully Mum said that she is allergic to cats. She also pointed out that in my desire to chase almost anything that moves I might well break quite a few things in my attempt to catch a cat. Ari was disappointed. He quite liked the idea of having a cat around. He’d probably have been friends with it, which just adds to indignity as far as I’m concerned.




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