My Cupboard – Tuesday 25th June 2024

My cupboard

I’ve been putting a few of my things away in my cupboard. Mum has said it won’t be the only cupboard with dog things in. That’s a relief as I’d have to throw a lot away for them all to fit. This one is my ‘important’ cupboard with treats and Bonio and vitamins in. I’ve got a special place for my sacks of dog food too. It’s next to where my crate will be. The only thing I’m disappointed about is that there is a piece of wood between my crate and the dog food, so I won’t be able to help myself without letting myself out of my crate first.

Mum seems more excited about the bulbs and batteries cupboard, but I think that’s because she’s fed up of tripping over the box they are all in.

Measuring up

Mum has been measuring up how much material we need so that she can make cushions to match my bed. I feel quite proud that now both Mum and Dad want everything to match my new bed. Ok, so Mum chose the colour with me so that it would go with the garden room paint, but they could have done something else for their things if they’d wanted to. We have some material left over from making my bed, so Mum says she will start with that and then order some more. I think she’s going to do the settee cushions first.

Staying indoors

Mum says it’s too hot to do too much gardening in the middle of the day at the moment. She said we’re much better going out in an evening when it cools down a bit. It’s the first time all the veg have needed watering too. It’s a shame we can’t just hook the hosepipe up to the spring in the corner of the garden but Mum said it would need us to dig to tap it at source first.



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