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Sunday 23rd April 2017 – Ari gets political

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Well if you are English then it’s our national day, so happy St George’s day to my fellow English dogs and humans. Shadow and I will be celebrating the day quietly by asking for an extra biscuit. If that’s granted […]

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Saturday 22nd April 2017 – Yay it’s the weekend

Good things about a weekend – a) more hands around to stroke me b) more humans to drop food c) getting into bed with my humans. What’s not to like about the weekend? It can rain or be sunny as […]

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Sunday 16th April 2017 – Happy Easter

A very happy Easter to you all. I’m going to spend my day waiting to see if the Easter Bunny will have the nerve to visit our house. She’d be fine coming to see me, but I don’t fancy her […]

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Saturday 15th April 2017 – Looking for a mate

It’s not me looking for a mate you understand, nor any of the others normally resident here. It’s Donald. In this case, the duck rather than the president. It’s the time of year when the village ducks pair up, select […]

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Sunday 9th April 2017 – Lovely sunny Saturday

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We could almost have been fooled into thinking it was summer from how the weather was yesterday. It was a lovely day for a walk. Shadow and Wilma had a long walk and visited our Mistress’s favourite tree on route. […]

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Saturday 8th April 2017 – Wilma is getting excited

Wilma’s trip to Switzerland is still more than a month away, but as our Mistress is finally starting to get things booked Wilma is getting very excited. It isn’t just the chance to see some of her family she is […]

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Sunday 2nd April 2017 – Playmates everywhere

I’m having a good weekend. It’s our human cousin’s wedding this weekend so our Master and Mistress have gone, but as it’s no children we’re all in kennels. We love the kennels we come to. It’s really near home and […]

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Saturday 1st April 2017 – Stealing Wilma’s thunder

I know that Wilma would want to tell you, but I’m going to get in first. It looks like two more of her nephews are coming to live in this country. She’s very excited and was happy to point out […]

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Sunday 26th March 2017 – Happy Mother’s Day

Shadow was a bit surprised this morning when I remembered to go up to her and wish her a happy Mother’s Day. She’s heard from some of my brothers and sisters too, so she’s feeling very spoilt. She is going […]

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Saturday 25th March 2017 – A day outside

Oh I’m one happy Aristotle. Today is a day outside. Thankfully, our Mistress is not coughing quite so much and as it’s going to be sunny has said that we can work on the clean up of the summer house. […]

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