Wilma is having a hard time – Tuesday 2nd May 2023

Wilma is having a hard time

Well, Wilma is having a hard time so it’s me Aristotle writing the diary again. Her eye was much worse again yesterday so the cone is back on. Poor old Wilma she just couldn’t stop herself from rubbing it and to be honest it looked so sore that we could understand why. Mum had a good look and thinks that the contact lens that the vet put in to protect the eye might still be there but be out of place. We’ll know soon enough as she is at the specialist at 9am this morning.

Kicking my paws

It meant that I spent some of yesterday kicking my paws. I’d really enjoyed having her around in the garden with me, even if she was watching and not doing the work. Somehow the whole place seemed a lot emptier without her chasing me around. Mum was mainly trying to tidy all the edges around the orchard end of the garden and get it looking nice.

We worked out what we need for putting netting over the broccoli and I’ve ordered that. I don’t want another situation like the year when it was doing well until it was all eaten by caterpillars.

Busy week

Mum has a busy week ahead, which is not helpful. I’m ready for us to plant out the squash plants and I can’t do it on my own. If I don’t do it soon they will have taken over the greenhouse.

Even more exciting is the fact that loads of my sunflowers have come through so I’m hoping if they do well we can make the garden look very cheerful. Mum has reminded me not to get too excited yet as it wouldn’t be the first year that none of our sunflowers have made it to that stage. Paws crossed.




  1. Wilma,we are thinking of you and wish you all the best at the Specialist today.
    Lots of love Sheila, Mark and Dottie XXX

  2. Wir wünschen Wilma einen netten Besuch beim Arzt und gute Besserung.
    Können leider nicht zur Feier in die Toscana reisen.
    Alles Liebe aus dem Kornried
    Whoopy, Tosca , Beija-Flor und Fenja mit Maja und Fritz

    • Thank you. We will come to see you anyway.
      All our love
      Wilma, and family

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