Don’t Panic – Wednesday 11th September 2019

Don’t Panic

Don’t panic, don’t panic. That’s mainly directed at Alfie. He had a bad day at swimming yesterday. Our Mistress says he was moving very well in the water, but out of nowhere he had another panic attack. They got him out and calmed him down and then he did another couple of lengths but decided he just couldn’t cope. They got him out and showered him and gave him a big cuddle instead. He has no idea why it happens, which doesn’t give us much chance of understanding either, when you come to think of it. Mostly he’s ok, although our Mistress said he’d fallen over in the kitchen before they went out too, so I don’t think he was feeling his best.

The downside of a squeaky toy

A couple of weeks ago I think our Mistress told you she had bought a present for each of us. Mine is a squeaky toy squirrel. I’ve put it in my bed so that none of the others can get it. There is just one tiny problem. Every so often when I’m asleep, I change position and am woken by an almighty squeak from the squirrel. Ok, so I know that he probably doesn’t appreciate me rolling on him, but he’s disturbing my sleep and it’s going to have to stop.

Alfie’s Car

Our Mistress needs to take Alfie’s car for a run and it means there is room for one of us as a passenger. Alfie would have liked to have gone, but he’s really not up to it and probably couldn’t get in anyway. I’ve put my paw up as it sounds like a great wheeze. I’m just hoping it’s a nice day so that we can have the roof down and I can feel the wind in my fur. I hope we go somewhere nice, but most of all I really hope there are people I can wave to as it’s great fun – because it’s left-hand drive it looks as though I’m the driver!

Have a great day


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