Dog Friendly Hotels in the Netherlands

We will include here Dog Friendly Hotels in The Netherlands that our correspondents report on. Giving our usual bone rating, with six being the highest award.

Nol in ‘t Bosch – We really like this hotel, especially when they give us a room with French doors straight into the garden. There is parking outside the hotel and woods and gardens all around. There are plenty of places to walk and bins so your human can clear up after you. We were made to feel very welcome. although we needed our own bed and bowl. We were able to sit with our humans while they were eating and when the weather is nice there is seating outside too. We give it four bones.


Brieleschecamer Apartments – This has the benefit of plenty of space to wander round inside as it is a whole apartment. Humans cater for themselves so you can always beg for some of their food and no one will stop you sitting at the table… except perhaps your humans. There are bins around outside for clearing up, but you will need to walk down a road before getting to the nice places to walk. Make sure your human is ready to get dressed first thing as they’d look very odd out in their pyjamas. Once you do get to the water’s edge there is a nice walk along.

It is in the middle of a town, but it’s not a busy city centre by most standards, although noisy with the windows open. The parking is not right outside though so get your human to take you in first rather than the luggage. Their stairs up to it are a little steep so don’t pull your human too fast. Overall we liked it very much. We give it four bones.

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