Dog Friendly Hotels in Leicestershire

We will include here Dog Friendly Hotels in Leicestershire that our correspondents report on. Giving our usual bone rating, with six being the highest award.

East Midlands Airport

Radisson Blu East Midlands Airport, Leicestershire – We liked it here. It’s not far off the motorway if you are travelling, so not too much extra time in the car. There is a very big car park and it can be some way to the hotel, but it felt nice and safe. Even though it’s by the airport there are nice grassy verges to walk on and the hotel bins at the back of the hotel were easy to find for clearing up after us. The rooms are plenty big enough and there is a nice lounge area downstairs where you can sit with your humans and they can eat. The best bit was sitting outside for breakfast when it was warmer, as it has an area that is quite a sun trap. We give it four bones.


Quorn Grange Hotel, Quorn, Leicestershire – I could go everywhere except the restaurant. That didn’t matter as the bar area was very comfortable and I liked it in there. There are plenty of grassy areas around the hotel and car park to walk. The problems are that it’s not that well lit at night and there is no good bin to use if you need your human to clean up after you. Although there were no extras provided for me, there wasn’t a big charge for me to stay either. It meant I was very happy to take my own bed and bowl. The hotel has lots of corridors and I kept getting lost. To be honest I was doing that deliberately to wind Mum up. I liked it and give it four bones.