Dog Friendly Hotels in Wiltshire

We will include here Dog Friendly Hotels in Wiltshire that our correspondents report on. Giving our usual bone rating, with six being the highest award.

The Moonraker Hotel,  Trowbridge – This hotel was really nice. When I arrived I was given some nice dog biscuits while the humans checked in. Then we were taken to our room. There was a a huge bed and bowl for me and lots of room. Our room was outside the main hotel and we had a lovely big lawn right outside our room for me to run around and go to the loo, also bins and water bowls outside which mum thinks is important! Everyone had a dog so I made some nice friends when I was there.

I was allowed in the bar and so the nice staff set up a table so mum and dad could eat in the bar and I didn’t have to stay on my own. The only downside was they didn’t let me keep my food in the fridge and there wasn’t a fridge in my room so mum ended up throwing away the food they had bought for me and buying fresh which was a bit of a waste. For that reason they get 5 bones out of 6. Cinders

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