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Welcome to our dog friendly travel reviews. Here we will give you write ups of dog friendly hotels and destinations you might find useful. If there is somewhere which you would like to see us add then please do drop us an email at

Dog friendly Travel Bone Ratings

We give our destinations dog friendly bone ratings. These are entirely from a dog perspective and will not tell you about the quality of the human experience. However, on the whole if our dogs are happy then we’re happy.

You can use the drop down box alongside the Travel option on the menu to find destinations we’ve covered.

Our bone ratings go from one bone for somewhere very basic to six bones for somewhere super posh with all the trimmings. For that we’d expect our bed to be provided, along with some snacks a water bowl and some pampering. We take it as an unfortunate likelihood that in all cases we will be expected to use an outside toilet.


When we do our bookings we use because it is so easy to find which hotels take dogs. There is a search box for you at the side of this page to make it easier to find.

Please note, if you do use the link we are an affiliate and receive a small commission which helps pay for the running of this site. Also, as we cannot constantly check to ensure that no links are broken, if you find a broken link please email to let us know.

If any of you well travelled dogs would like to send in reviews for me to add to the site then I could include many more places. We’re not interested in whether your humans can get a good meal. They can find all that from other places. What we want to know is what is it like as a dog to stay there? The sorts of things we want to know about are:

Is it friendly? Do they charge for you to stay? Do you need to take your own bed? Is there car parking close enough to the hotel for you to feel safe if your human has to leave you in the car for a short while? Are there bins for when your human clears up after you? Is there enough room for your bed to be where you want it without you getting stepped on?

Is there somewhere in the bathroom for your water bowl without you tripping over a human? Can you easily get in and out for the toilet at any time of day or night? Mum can testify that finding yourself locked out at some unearthly hour because a hotel is short staffed and the front desk person is elsewhere is no fun! Is there somewhere you can sit to eat with your human? Or for them to have a drink with you?

Obviously if you are provided with extras we really need to know about those too.

Happy travels



In addition to myself our review contributors include:

Alfie – I’m Alfie, and I live in Surrey with my three humans. I’m a well-travelled dog and I’ve crossed the Atlantic twice between London and San Francisco. My humans always take me along when they go on holiday and I’ve stayed in cabins in the mountains by Lake Tahoe, cute cottages in the English countryside and even a hotel at a pet conference in Las Vegas. For me, comfort and close proximity to pawsome walks as well as peace and quiet are important when rating a dog friendly place. Woofs and wags from Alfs

Cinders – I’m a budding travel writer. I love nothing better than helping my humans pack up the car and go on an adventure. We have been to Bruges, Cornwall, Devon, Yorkshire to name but a few and have big plans to visit a lot more places! I only travel in luxury though, I am not one for camping or caravans it always needs to be a good quality hotel with good quality facilities where a dog can put her paws up in style. I always make sure to check out the local ice cream too. When not writing, I can be found in the pool getting a work out or looking after the humans.

Salvo – Hello everyone! I’m Salvo, born on 6 August 2015 in the beautiful Bernese Oberland in Switzerland. I came to live in Bristol with my humans in November 2015, but haven’t forgotten my roots and love travelling back to see my mum. I’ve stayed in lots of hotels and know what I like, so hope I can share some nice places for you to stay.