Poor Aristotle – Thursday 14th May 2020

Poor Aristotle

Poor Aristotle is feeling very down. He went to see the vet yesterday and he has fluid and inflammation around his operation site on his knee. The vet doesn’t think it’s infection, but because it’s so important that it isn’t. He is now on two types of antibiotic, including giving him an injection yesterday, just to be safe. She is hoping it is just a reaction to having his stitches removed. Iif Ari isn’t improving by Friday he may need to have the knee x rayed to see what’s happening. He is having a little more in the way of painkillers too. He’s very unhappy. We all want to cheer him up but that’s not all that easy at the moment.


Ari’s brother, Dickens, has been through similar surgery recently too. He is simply refusing to be in a crate and making life quite hard for his humans. When I told Shadow she said I was to send him a message from his mother. She says you are to be a good boy and do as you’re told. Being disobedient was not the way she brought you up and if you don’t do as you’re told she will get on the train herself to come to visit you and put you in your place.

Dickens, I live with Shadow, trust me you really don’t want that!

Thank you

Our readers really are lovely. I told you we needed some compost the other day and thanks to the suggestions we received, the delivery arrived yesterday. That’s really good news for me as it’s going to mean lots of time outside helping Mum to plant the flower seeds she has. I think we’re doing that tomorrow and Saturday. Shadow will help too. I feel sad that Ari won’t be able to help as those are his favourite times.

Ready for action