Vacuum Cleaner 1 Christmas Lights 0 – Tues 8th December 2020

Vacuum Cleaner 1 Christmas lights 0

Vacuum Cleaner 1 Christmas lights 0 – Shadow is not impressed. There has been an ‘incident’ and the Christmas lights on Shadow’s tree did not come off well. When I say they didn’t come off well, they did come off, that was part of the problem. Mum ran over the cord and before she knew it they had come off the tree and gone round the brush of the vacuum cleaner. AS you can see, Shadow was not a happy dog.

Vacuum cleaner 1 Christmas Lights  - Shadow looks on in dismay after her Christmas lights are sucked up the vacuum cleaner.

Mum went and got a screwdriver and managed to remove them. However, sadly one of the lines of the lights had broken and Mum has had to tell Shadow they are no longer safe. It was the first time that Shadow could remember having a tree of her very own. When Mum gave it to her the top part was already broken, so she’s only got the bottom two-thirds, which made it even worse. It did still look pretty with the lights on. Now…

Advent calendar

There is also a small disagreement over the Advent Calendar. The problem is it is hanging outside Shadow’s room. However, because she has to have a very carefully controlled diet she can’t eat the treats that are in it. When I go and sit beside it waiting for my treat, Shadow gets upset and says it’s not fair. She’s right of course, it’s not fair, but it’s to my advantage so I’m not going to be the one to raise the point.

I did suggest she could ask Mum to do one like she used to do for Dad and Andrew with promises in it instead of treats. Things like cooking their favourite meal. They could keep the pieces of paper and redeem them at a time to suit themselves. Shadow said that just wasn’t the same and she really just wanted an extra treat every day.