Teddy Bear Blues – Wednesday 2nd June 2021

Teddy Bear Blues

Aristotle has got teddy bear blues. His favourite teddy has had to go through the wash and then has been hanging in the sunshine to dry. He feels very sad and very guilty about it as he was the cause.

Unfortunately he had a very poorly tummy. For the first time Mum can remember he didn’t want any breakfast yesterday morning. He then went outside and had a bad tummy in several places around the garden, with Mum following behind clearing up. They both thought he was ok and he asked to go back to bed for an hour or two while Mum did other things.

Another victim

Sadly, while she was gone, he wasn’t as all right as he’d thought and it resulted in an awful lot of cleaning up and washing. You would be amazed how far he managed to shoot poo! I’m probably not supposed to tell you that bit. Anyway, his bed was pretty old and Mum put the cover through the wash, along with his teddy. Unfortunately the base of the bed was already pretty far gone and wouldn’t have withstood a wash cycle. It’s now making its way to the great dog bed scrap heap in the sky.

On a brighter note

You will be pleased to know that when I last saw him Ari was making good progress, so I’m hoping that hasn’t changed when he gets up this morning. His teddy bear was all clean and dry ready for him to go to bed last night, so Ari was happy about that in the end too. Now we’re just crossing our paws that Ari’s problem isn’t any more serious. Mum was worried it might be linked to his other health issues, but we’re hoping not.

While he wasn’t feeling so good, I had another lovely sunny day and a super walk. I really am starting to enjoy this.